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Swap out sweet drinks from your routine

“Replacing just one sugary drink each day with water may reduce your risk of developing diabetes”, says a study published by  Diabetes Care . People who consume a greater amount of sugary drinks, like carbonated beverages, sweetened beverages, bottled fruit juices, are at high risk of developing diabetes earlier in a lifetime than others. A 20-ounce bottle of soda provides about 51 – 70 gms of sugar. These sugar-laden beverages can raise blood sugar above the recommended range because our bodies absorb liquids more quickly than solid foods. Turning to "diet" versions of these drinks might not help, either. American diabetic association says that diet sodas can serve as a “short-term replacement” but “overall, people are encouraged to decrease both sweetened and non-nutritive-sweetened beverages. When you desperately want to have some beverage it's better to skip sweet drinks and stick to unsweetened tea, coffee, or water. If you find yourself getting bored of pla

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