6 easy ways to prevent osteoporosis

6 easy ways to prevent Osteoporosis

Nutrition for bone health

Adequate nourishment is vital for the maintenance of the bone health. Although diseases of bone such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia have complex reasons, the progress of these diseases can be minimised by providing adequate quantities of nutrients throughout the lifecycle.

Of these diseases, osteoporosis is the most common and detrimental to productivity and quality of life. Osteoporosis, often called the silent epidemic, is a disease that takes a lifetime to advance and consequently a lifetime to prevent. It is characterised by a decrease in bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue with no outward signs or symptoms until late in the disease where bones become much more fragile and are apt to break.

Risk factors

  • Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis.
  • Those individuals who have a low dietary intake of calcium and vitamin D over their lifetime.
  • Physically inactive people, cigarette smokers, excessive alcohol consumption, persons who are thin and small frame and who have a family history of osteoporosis are at increased risk of osteoporosis.

Six factors that can be modified to prevent osteoporosis

  • A diet rich in calcium, phosphate, vitamin D are essential for normal bone structure and function.
  • Protein, calories and other micronutrients are essential to develop and maintain healthy bone.
  • Weight bearing exercise.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Routine bone density tests.
  • For all those living in colder climates without much sunshine, vitamin D supplementation is suggested to accompany calcium intake.

Conditions that deplete calcium and increase risk of osteoporosis

  • Chronic diarrhoea,
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
  • Chronic respiratory disease,
  • Diabetes mellitus,
  • Scurvy,
  • Hyperthyroidism and
  • Chronic alcohol consumption
leads to modest loss of calcium.

Include these foods in plenty

  • Milk and milk products,
  • Tofu,
  • Fishes with small bones,
  • Ragi,
  • Green leafy vegetables,
  • Broccoli,
  • Fish oil,
  • Abundant direct sun shine.

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