Skipping healthy habits? You are skipping pink years of your life

In this hi-tech world number of public health, prevention and disease management approaches have emerged that focuses on changing health-related behaviours. Skipping healthy habits is found to be associated with health-compromising behaviors in adults and adolescents.

You are skipping pink years of life by skipping healthy habits

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast which exactly means breaking-the-fast of the night, refers to the first meal taken in the morning. It is paramount in sustaining the physical health and mental health of a person. Breakfast is the principal constituent of one’s daily nutritional requirement, contributing significantly to the total daily energy intake. Research studies authenticates regular breakfast consumers to show significantly better physical health than those who skipped breakfast.

Breakfast consumption is being neglected in all age groups over the past few years. Breakfast skippers have comparatively poor intake of vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are lost as a result of skipping breakfast that cannot be compensated by any meal of the day.

Faulty sleeping habit

Faulty sleeping habit also has its consequence on our health in a same manner as skipping breakfast does. Adequate amount of sleep is important for one’s mental and physical health, for cognitive restitution, processing and learning. People who sleep less are more prone to emotional instability, decreased concentration, memory loss, day time sleepiness and the most common issue faced is obesity.

Skipping healthy habits > Skipping pink years of life

It is heart breaking that these habits are declining among most youngsters today. Early to bed and rising up early, regular breakfast and light to moderate exercise all constitute a healthy life style. Consequences of unfavourable health-related behaviour typically accumulate over time and may first be observed in later life. As we live longer, it is important that health promotion and disease prevention initiatives continue to have emphasis on health-related behaviour early in life.

Image Credit: Flickr/ Risa ikeda


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