Live foods that make us vibrant, vivid and energetic

Throwing light on live foods ...

The more we take in solar electrons as a result of our dietary intake of live foods, the better we are able to absorb electrons from the sun and solar system - Gabriel Counsens
The term “live food” may refer to fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted nuts and grains. Sometimes whole, unpasteurized, organic milk products are also accepted as live foods. To be truthful, live food literally breathes.

Live foods that make us vibrant, vivid and energetic

Raw, vegan foods are packed with plentitude of oxygen in their cellular structure. This oxygen is derived through naturally occurring photosynthesis. Cooking of these healthy vegan food expels all oxygen content and our food is in an exhausted form.

Dr. Edward Howell, author of "Enzyme Nutrition", reports that when a food is heated to 118 degrees for 1/2 hour all of its enzymes are destroyed. Oxygen within the live raw foods escalate the ability of the nutrients to be better absorbed, assimilated and utilised by our body. Research studies have concluded that the increased hemoglobin levels of anaemic patients increased to significant levels after consuming oxygen-rich foods.

The naturally occurring nutrients, phytochemicals and pure, filtered water found in living foods make us vibrant, vivid and energetic and can never be sufficiently replaced by cooked and processed foods. Also they protect our body by providing immunity and by removing the toxins that had accumulated in course of time.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the main source of live foods to your diet. Kick off your day with simple breakfast of fresh fruit which is much more vitalising than a huge load of cereals, heavy oily bacons and eggs. A person who does not eat live foods is likely to suffer from lassitude, excessive weight, heartburn, bloating and intestinal distress.

List of fresh raw foods for your awareness

  • Greens like coriander, mint, curry cabbage, celery, wheat grass, lemon grass
  • Vegetables like carrot, beet root, tomato, cucumber, ladies finger, broccoli, bell pepper, cauliflower, yellow pumpkin
  • Sprouted foods afford the most concentrated natural source of vitamins, minerals, and aniniacids
  • All fresh fruits that are available during season
  • Nuts and oil seeds
Most people after eating a cooked food meal feel their energy drop, even to the point of needing a nap whereas after eating a live food meal one will feel satisfied and energized.

Be cautious! Some vegetables should always be cooked. As your digestive system gets adjusted, certain raw vegetables can become a part of your daily diet.

Stay energetic! Stay Perky!


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