New Year’s resolution to stay fit

The New Year, The new you…

New year's day is one of the most awaited and celebrated occasion throughout the world. We usually celebrate this occasion with our treasured ones and as mass social functions.

Happy New Year
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New Year is a time for new resolutions. But, before making new-year resolutions, one should ponder about the past year resolutions made. How best we implemented those resolutions and how long we were able to pursue them? Let this New Year resolutions be in such a way that when we look at those on new year’s eve, we should be contented that we have persuaded them or achieved them.

To make this year the best yet...

We have to choose resolutions that are realistic, that adds positivity to our life and one that is easy to accomplish. Here is a list of resolutions that will add rainbow to our life both mentally and physically.
  • Eat Healthy
  • Stay Fit
  • Lead a positive and focused life.
Though these resolutions are simple, they can make a big difference in your life.

Eat healthy

Eat healthy
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Follow a diet plan that is balanced and the one that suits your health condition. “One size fits all” is an old adage. Hence your eating pattern should be customized based on your height, weight, food preferences, aversions, the type of profession and socio economic status you fit in to. The powerful mantras for a healthy lifestyle is to include more whole grain cereals, pulses and millets, add plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits, drink in moderation.

Stay Fit

Stay fit
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Everyone must keep us fit. Regular exercising twice a day at least for 30 minutes makes our body trim and fit. In a situation where everyday a new disease has been diagnosed it is crucial to keep us fit to defend us from deadly diseases. Exercising burns extra calories from our body, makes our muscles relaxed, flexible and supplies abundant fresh oxygen to our brain. Exercise can be in the form of walking, jogging, running, swimming and yoga that we enjoy and cherish.

Stay positive

Stay Positive
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Mental health and physical health needs to go hand in hand for a successful person. Good sleep is important for a sound mind. Growth hormones are secreted only when we sleep. These hormones are much essential for repairing damaged cells and removing toxins from our body. Sleep deprivation leads to difficulty in making decisions, solving problems, controlling emotions and behavior. Spending quality time with family and friends lightens and relaxes us. Keeping pets, gardening, reading books, and listening to soothing music also makes one physically, mentally and emotionally stay balanced. Thus by sticking to this simple, and valuable resolutions one can remain healthy and positive throughout life.

A journey of thousand miles begins with single step”. It is necessary at this juncture to remember the above quote of Lao Tzu to kick start your new year’s resolution.


  1. We have the same resolution for new years and this post was definitely a big motivational factor for me. I love all your idea on how to stay fit. Looking forward to more informative posts from you.

  2. I like New Year but I don't believe that it can chamge your life. It must be your firm decision to change your thoughts, emotions and way of life.


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